A Brief History 

The MG Napoli Ovens deals with the construction of furnaces for purely handmade pizza made ​​entirely by hand.  One by one our ovens reflect quality and innovation, giving the right value to also design, without losing sight of the tradition of a single product and inimitable. The company manufactures both fixed ovens (model "Partenope") built on the spot, both in Naples and in any part of the world, and both the oven on a mobile structure (model "Vesuvio") which are created in Naples and shipped in around the world recreating the typical Neapolitan cooking quality in every part of the world. The "Neapolitan pizza made ​​according to the Neapolitan tradition" today and 'known throughout the world as it is the only type of Italian pizza recognized at national and European level. From 4 February 2010, in fact, is officially recognized as a traditional specialty guaranteed the European Community. ..... Our is a passion!


Our idea starts from simple things, as well as the ingredients, even the oven for cooking helps to give the typical Neapolitan pizza that taste unique and inimitable. Being able to reproduce such "magic of taste" is not easy, for the tradition is still cooking takes place in wood-fired ovens, where the cooking temperature reaches 470 ° / 485 ° ideal temperatures to reproduce the real true Neapolitan pizza. The cooking times range from a minimum of 60 seconds to a maximum of 90 seconds, with only the traditional Neapolitan oven ... thanks to the use of our materials combined with the skill of trained personnel are unable to achieve this cooking!